Board Of Directors




President Karen McPherson
Past President Stefanie Buckner Hill
Elementary Vice President Susan Copeland
Middle Grades Vice President Kendra Bledsoe
Secondary Vice President Jennifer Reed
College Vice President Erica Slate Young
Secretary Julie Riggins
Parliamentarian Kathy Jaqua

Eastern Region [map]

President Charity Cayton
Past President Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi
Elementary Vice President Leanne Daughtry
Middle Grades Vice President Jenny Ainslie
Secondary Vice President Sonia Dupree
College Vice President Barbara Clarke

Central Region [map]

President Adam Pennell 
Past President Sara Vaughn
Elementary Vice President Brandi Edmundson
Middle Grades Vice President Bridgette Kiser
Secondary Vice President Courtney Eklund
College Vice President Thomas Coleman

Western Region [map]

President Tracey Howell
Past President Kaneka Turner
Elementary Vice President Leslie Buchanan
Middle Grades Vice President Stacy Wozny
Secondary Vice President RaChelle Perkins
College Vice President Nathan Borchelt

Conference and Program Committee Members

Emily Hare; Drew Polly; Jennifer Reed; Julie Riggins; Amanda Thompson-Rice; Kaneka Turner; Jennifer Wilson

Standing and ad hoc Committees

ARML and State Math Contest

Phillip Rash


Holly Hirst

Conference Services

Anthony Finlen and Marilyn Preddy,

DPI Liaison 

Joseph Reaper

Equity Committee

Denise Johnson

Finance Committee

Philip Rash

Management Services

Joette Midgett

Market Place

Shana Runge

Math Celebrations

Heather Thomas

Math Fair

Erica Slate Young

Math Counts

Harold Reiter


Joy McCormick


Holt Wilson

NCCTM Student Affiliates

Charity Cayton


Nathan Borchelt and Sloan Despeaux,




NCSSM Report

Ryan Pietropaolo

NCTM Report

Karen McPherson


Stefanie Hill 

Rankin Award

Emogene Kernoodle

Special Awards

Ana Floyd

Trust Fund

Kathy Jaqua


Jennifer Reed

A Message From Our President

Karen McPherson
High School Mathematics Coach
Buncombe County Schools

You have the power to change the future of Mathematics Teaching in North Carolina.

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NCCTM Statement on Equitable Access to Quality Mathematics Instruction

Students need to experience mathematics in ways that allow them to be successful and that give them the power to change the world. This experience needs to be delivered with both excellence and equality while resonating with the lives of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and all marginalized peoples. Racism cannot be tolerated, and we as teachers must be vigilant that we do not tolerate nor contribute to racism, bias, hate, or violence in our classrooms.

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