Mini-Grants: Support for Your Classroom

This program will provide funds for special projects and research, which will enhance the teaching, learning, and enjoyment of mathematics.  There is no preconceived criterion for projects except that students should receive an on-going benefit from the grant. 

Available to current members of NCCTM, the mini-grants are awarded by each of the three regional organizations to members within their geographic boundaries (If you incorrectly identify with the wrong region, your proposal will be ineligible for funding).

Map of NCCTM Regions

A total of $15,000 is available each year for the state’s mini-grants, with each region awarding approximately $5,000 in grants to its members.  In recent years, approximately 20-25 proposals have been partially or fully funded, for an average grant of just over $850. 

Deadline: September 30 -- A second deadline of January 15 is possible depending on funding

Download the directions and coversheet [PDF, MSWord]

You will receive an email confirmation once your proposal has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation within one week, it is your responsibility to follow-up with the Mini-grant Coordinator.

Proposals selected for funding will receive their funds as soon as possible after the state conference.

Questions? Email Joy McCormick at or Sandra Childrey at

If you are not currently a member of NCCTM (not to be confused with NCTM), visit the Membership Information page to find out how to join and plan to apply for a mini-grant.


Internal Revenue Information for Grant Recipients

Please be aware that NCCTM is required to report all grants of $600.00 or more to the Internal Revenue Service. In such a case you will receive an IRS Form 1099-MISC from NCCTM. However, you should be able to avoid the payment of any income tax on this. NCCTM has been advised that, if you receive one of the NCCTM grants, you must include the grant proceeds in income.

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