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Candidates for Eastern Region Vice Presidents

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Elementary: Leanne Daughtry and Ryan Redd

I’m Leanne Daughtry, the Director of K-12 Math and Science Curriculum in Johnston County Public Schools.  I was a Teaching Fellow at UNCW, where I earned a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and earned a M.Ed. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Supervision from NCSU.  I have additional licenses as a Curriculum Specialist and in K-12 Academically and Intellectually Gifted Education. Over the course of my 24 years in education, I have been a second and fourth grade teacher, worked with the Academically and Intellectually Gifted program, and was an elementary math consultant at NCDPI.  Since getting married and moving back to Johnston County 15 years ago, I have had various curriculum roles in the district.  I am passionate about helping teachers and creating powerful learning experiences for students. I have led professional development sessions for various NC districts, the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the NC Department of Public Instruction, the NC Collaborative for Mathematics Learning, Partners for Mathematics Learning and TAP Math Mathematics-Science Partnerships, and the Meredith Math and Science Institutes. 

NCCTM has been very impactful for me over the course of my career.  It’s allowed me to connect to an amazing network of fellow math educators who have similar roles and share my commitment to high quality math instruction.  In addition, the NCCTM regional conferences, leadership seminars and the annual conference have provided powerful professional learning opportunities that I’ve been able to immediately apply to my role as a math leader.  Now that my children are a little older, I’m interested in moving into a leadership role and giving back to an organization that has given so much to me.

Ryan Redd is the lead K-5 math teacher for New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, North Carolina. Ryan is a Kenan Fellow, class of 2012. As a Kenan Fellow, she worked with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to help districts implement the Common Core State Standards. Ryan is also a Core Advocate with Student Achievement Partners through which she has worked on several projects, including the Teaching Channel Common Core video audit, Common Core iTunes U math as a team lead, Teaching the Core project with the Charlotte Danielson group, and GE Standards Immersion Institutes. NCCTM provides teachers with the opportunity to engage in meaningful professional development to raise not only student achievement in the state but to help make our students better problem-solvers.

Middle Grades: Jenny Ainslie and Ben Rollins

 Jenny Ainslie is currently a Middle School Math Teacher teaching 7th grade for Wake County Public Schools, as well as a part time Elementary Math Coach. She earned National Board Certification in 2009 in Early Adolescence Mathematics and completed her Masters in Elementary Mathematics Education with Curriculum and Instruction in 2021. She has had the pleasure of co-authoring the article, Subitising Through the Years, with Dr. Valerie Faulkner and the book Designing Effective Math Interventions: An Educator’s Guide to Learner-Driven Instruction, with Dr. Jessica Hunt. She has loved the opportunities she has had presenting at district, state and national conferences, as well as sitting as a Panelist at the MLC Intervention Conference. Her favorite part of teaching is helping students see the connectedness between mathematics topics in hopes of inspiring a love of learning the subject. And while not all topics may not be applicable to their future specifically, she hopes that her students walk away with asking themselves, “How can I use what I know to figure out what I don’t know?”

Why NCCTM? NCCTM has a pulse on what is going on in the classrooms in North Carolina because it is made up of teachers and professionals whose passion is mathematics within NC. NCCTM has supported me to become a better professional by providing relevant professional development through their spectacular conferences, inspiring  forward-thinking ideas through the publication of the Centroid, and providing a means of collaboration across the state through membership in NCCTM. I would love to have the opportunity to continue the vision as the Central Vice President for Middle School!

My name is Ben Rollins and I am currently in my 2nd year teaching at CM Eppes Middle School where I teach Math 1 and 8th grade math. I also have experience teaching 6th and 7th grade math. I graduated East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Middle Grades Education. I would be a good candidate for the position of NCCTM Eastern Vice President of Middle Schools as I want to advocate for Mathematics Education at the state level, help share mathematics teaching strategies and improve the state of mathematics education in North Carolina.

Secondary: Sonia Dupree and Mara Moye

Sonia Dupree is the Senior Administrator for High School Mathematics for the Wake County Public School System. She was a classroom teacher for 14 years - 8 in Johnston County and 6 in Wake County - teaching everything from Introductory Mathematics to AP Statistics. She has served as the district high school math curriculum and instruction specialist in the Academics department for the past 15 years. During that time, she has had multiple opportunities to collaborate with state math leaders on various grants and projects. She served on the writing committee for the 2016 high school math standards for NCDPI. Out of that work, she became one of the original collaborators that helped to establish NC2ML. She has participated in and led the Triangle Math Alliance (formerly Triangle High Five) and the Large District Math Collaborative. She is also a part of the Visions Project whose work is to define and support high quality, equitable math instruction for all students. Sonia has been a member of NCCTM for much of her career and has attended and presented at many of the state conferences. Lately, she has worked to encourage teachers to grow as leaders by sharing their expertise at conferences.  She will be an asset to NCCTM, bringing with her a wealth of experience and passion for teaching and learning mathematics!

Mara Moye is currently in her 18 th year of teaching high school mathematics. I grew up in Eastern North Carolina, received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics Education from East Carolina University, and have taught all 18 years at D.H. Conley High School which is within Pitt County Schools. I have had the pleasure of attending some of the NCCTM state and regional conferences along with many others during my career. I have presented at the NCCTM Fall Conference, MTEP Conference, as well as several local county conferences. I have also co-authored an article that will be in the upcoming spring issue of the Centroid journal. I enjoy being a part of NCCTM because it offers opportunities for us as professionals to learn from each other, network with each other, and share our experiences with each other. I think this opportunity for leadership within NCCTM is a natural next step for me in striving for growth within this profession.

College: Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark is an avid learner and advocate for math instruction and math learning and currently a supervisor at Wake Technical Community College in the College and Career Readiness program. Prior to my current role, I spent five years instructing adult students who were working towards their high school credential - either as an adult high school or high school equivalency student. I encountered a great many students who simply had an aversion to Math for a variety of reasons; their aversion to Math, a topic required for a diploma/credential, often resulted in an inability to earn the desired credential. Knowing the importance of a high school credential for the school and the community, I believe it is possible to identify those at risk for not earning that credential and to then provide interventions to reduce negative effects. Math instruction is key! In addition to understanding how to ameliorate math performance challenges in adult education students, I also feel community college and post-secondary institutions can consider those traditionally underrepresented students by providing supportive math programs for success. I feel that ability is more widespread than the opportunities afforded these students and intend to help guide institutions to better welcome and support student success. I hope to be able to contribute to the NC CTM Board of directors to support math programs at all educational levels for better student educational outcomes.


A Message From Our President

Karen McPherson
High School Mathematics Coach
Buncombe County Schools

You have the power to change the future of Mathematics Teaching in North Carolina.

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NCCTM Statement on Equitable Access to Quality Mathematics Instruction

Students need to experience mathematics in ways that allow them to be successful and that give them the power to change the world. This experience needs to be delivered with both excellence and equality while resonating with the lives of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and all marginalized peoples. Racism cannot be tolerated, and we as teachers must be vigilant that we do not tolerate nor contribute to racism, bias, hate, or violence in our classrooms.

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